Education in Udupi

Updated on: Mar 7, 2013
Udupi is one of the most beautiful cities in Karnataka. The presence of the historic Krishna Mutt in Udupi, has made it a notable place. With a population of 113,039, as per the 2001 census, Udupi serves as the headquarters of the Udupi District in the Indian state of Karnataka.

The tourist spots in Kohlapur attract thousands of visitors every year. Some places are quite popular among the tourists who come to visit this city of India. Some of the major places of interest in the city are Krishna Temple, Kaup Beach, Pajaka, St. Mary's Island, Daria Bahadurgad Fort, Malpe Beach, etc.

The climate in Udupi is hot in summers and pretty good in winter. During summers (from March to May) the temperature reaches up to 40°C and in winters (from December to February) it is usually between 32°C and 20°C. The Monsoon period is from June to September with one of the highest rainfall in India averaging more than 4000mm every year and heavy winds.

One of the most important festival in Udupi is the Chariot Festival which is celebrated with great enthusiasm every year.

Educational Scenario In Udupi

With excellent quality education and administration, the colleges in Udupi generate an excellent learning ambiance for the aspirants all across the country. With the establishment of the Manipal University, lot of aspirants all over the world comes to pursue variety of courses like engineering, management, medical, etc.

It can also boast of some of the best schools like Asha Nilaya School, Glowinstar Integrated School, Parkala High School, Vidyodaya Public School, etc. Among the city's many other institutions of higher learning are the Manipal Institute Of Technology, Muniyal Institute Of Ayurveda Medical Sciences, Manipal Dental College, etc.

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